A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog/for a Dog) — II Memo of Time (2008)

A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog/for a Dog) — II Memo of Time is a pair of outdoor performances where the basis of the presentation is weather, time, potentiality and non-human co-actors, i.e. beings and processes of "nature". Human actors worked and performed with the clouds, ants, trees, rocks, dogs, rain, and tens of thousands of others. Performances were performed in two in-between spaces and times. A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog) was performed on the ancient shore of the post-ice-age Yoldia Sea in the northern suburbs of Helsinki, at the highest point of the city area. Its pair, A Performance with an Ocean View (for a Dog) took place on a potential future seashore on the roof of a city centre department store, and it was created and performed for a dog as its main spectator, though human spectators were present part of the time. The performances move between live art, environmental art and conceptual art. A Performance with An Ocean View was an attempt to create a break — a slow area full of possibilities in the middle of a potential catastrophe.

II Memo of Time was performed in May and August 2008 in Helsinki as part of the programs of Kiasma Theatre and Baltic Circle Festival in Finnish and in English.

A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog/for a Dog) is the second instalment in the Memos of Time performance series, which is part of Tuija Kokkonen's doctoral research project "The potential nature of performance. Relationships to the non-human in the performance event from the perspective of duration and potentiality" in the Theatre Academy, Helsinki.

A videoinstallation A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog/for a Dog) – II Memo of Time (2012)

  • performance platform. body affets – festival, Sophiensaele Berlin. http://performance-platform.de/programme/
  • Video Sini Haapalinna and Tuija Kokkonen
  • Installation Tuija Kokkonen, visual assistant Pekka Sassi

Maus&Orlovski 2006—2008

  • Performers:
    Eka (Ninacan Evita, a dog)
    Sini Haapalinna
    Jukka Hytti (producer)
    Kaisa Illukka (visual design)
    Tuija Kokkonen (concept, text, direction)
    Tomi Suovankoski (sound design)
    Robin Svartström
    Tuire Tuomisto
    Non-human co-performers
  • Workshop on slow event: choreographer, dancer Ari Tenhula
  • Photography: Kaisa Illukka


Maus&Orlovski in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre/Museum of Contemporary Art.

Other collaborators:

  • Theatre Academy, Helsinki
  • Baltic Circle Festival

Supported by:

  • Kone Foundation
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation
  • Arts Council of Finland
  • Niilo Helander Foundation
  • Helsinki City Cultural Office

Texts on performance


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Other texts

Conference and other presentations/Kokkonen

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